More labels?

Insomnia is a horrible side-effect of MS. I really don’t want to be awake at 4am but it happens, and usually when I’ve had an afternoon nap the day before. Or drink some Pepsi late in the day, or when I, a menopausal woman approaching a significant birthday, suddenly get over enthusiastic about a new plant, garden purchase or plan. Can we stop the clock, or at least pause it? No worries, I was chancing my arm.

What colour are these going to be? And moss is abundant…

Life on paper isn’t what I had planned, but it isn’t all bad. My blog is getting read more since Momentum published its Gardening article. Hello new US readers! I can make more plans if we keep the r value low but I’m not planning a US trip for the time being. Millions of us have been vaccinated so it’s all looking like plans can start happening. Life is for living, not hiding. Suggestions via the comments please? And snow fell for a bit but it’s disappearing as fast…

Messy looking frilly tulip!

Hey it’s ten degrees colder than yesterday but it’s not going to snow here? Scotland is getting a blast but not landlocked Hertfordshire. Will it be a cold Easter Monday? As long as it doesn’t rain… And I left my tulips in the ground last year. I am not supposed to get second blooms without digging them up… A short cut I am happy to take!

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