Another free cycle success!

We picked up roughly 120 paviors from near Biggleswade for the garden before 11 am and we now have a tidy pile waiting application to the greenhouse path. It’s hard to be the first to apply to these posts but I did get there first in this instance! The girls helped us unload and clean the sand out of the car.

And wandering round the garden I have a lot of mess to deal with but there is also lots of loveliness to appreciate too!

Even this first dandelion is quite beautiful ☺️
Will this path be improved with the paviors?

I slowed down again this week and now feel a bit of enthusiasm for what can be achieved if I keep an eye on the social media pages. It’s a whole new world after much gloom and doom. Although I’m sure the ban on holiday adventures around the world will see much debate in coming weeks? It doesn’t sound partisan when I say it matters very little to someone who hasn’t been abroad for several years but invitations to relatives in Spain are still a possibility if I magically get a well-paid job on a regular basis…

A frilly tulip

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