What’s digging up my plants?

I’ve said a couple of times I’ve had a plant uprooted in my front garden. Well, yesterday it was a little heuchera. It was turned over in the night. The more it happens the more I want to set up a spy cam to see if I can trap these nocturnal animals and prove why it’s not been a simple thing to change the front garden of the house. Something sets off the light at the front door in the night. Sometimes the gravel is rearranged for the twentieth time.

Singular post hole for shed foundations

If it was digging up valerian or eating daffodils (which are plentiful) I wouldn’t mind and having spent the morning in bed clothes (!) and resting after getting my Covid vaccine, I am hardly in the position to keep a close eye on the garden during the day! I overspend regularly on things to improve the content of my garden (Lockdown 1) and posts around the summer of 2020 saw me going crazy with bulbs and tubers and little baby plants. Some of which struggled to survive being sent through the Covid lockdown postal deluge.

Big chunks of logs still needing split
Dinky little iris
Primroses or cowslips? Which name do you use?

I am spending a bit on plants this year but not splurging like last year. I know who sent me good products and they will be my treats. I want a big bag of gravel but I’ll keep searching reuse sites for giveaways. That worked out well for us in the past and what didn’t work out, I’ve pushed into the ‘forgotten’ pile.

I’ve gone out and shot pics of the things in bloom and things of note are things I’ve not necessarily planted like primroses and bulbs I planted a lot of, like iris reticulata. Some areas where things thrive and others we need to rethink. Lots to take to the tip, and lots to resite. I’m feeling enthusiastic again.

Lots of buddleia
Look at that snowdrop!

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