Not feeling very positive…

I had a really lovely rejection letter, you know it’s hard at the moment, but it still stings. I had a rubbish time at a later than normal work shift the other day and I am starting to feel like the negative experiences are piling up. I worked this morning and I wasn’t sure last night I’d make it after I was hit by vomiting on Sunday night. Which could have been anything, you know, but we had duck and I started to wonder whether duck triggers that in me? Or whether the freezer is not closing properly again and it was defrosted ice cream. Does anyone know of duck causing sickness? Maybe the whole COVID coming from wild animals has me imagining all kinds of reasons?

Laurel has three or four stems going straight into the sky!

On a positive note I am decapitating that Privet bush. It doesn’t do anything for me and it can be taken out, along with the laurel, without losing sleep. The dog has been sleeping under it so I wonder if she wants to keep it? I do wonder about our dog and her longevity as she seems to be slowing down a lot. Maybe my mood affects her?

More tulips making a jewel like selection in the front garden.

I do cuss and swear about the Government but I feel justified as the whole country (apart from the ardent Brexiteers) seems to be turning against him and his shady corrupt cabinet. Lots of funny handshakes under the guise of government and money being procured in illegal fashion. It’s all about the money and it’s not coming to the people who need it…

Hanging in mid air…
Bin views (dandelions are in there too) of privet.

I’ve been watering my plants with seaweed so hopefully I will get some good results.

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