The sun was out and it was a bit cold but I went outside and attacked the laurel bush by the gate. There were flurries from little birds looking to see whether I’ve got any food for them. I pulled up a few spindly spiky brambles too and pruned the bush beside the mahonia by the greenhouse. I also repositioned some of the slabs over the muddy area I’ve dug up for the slabs. (We’ve never had cash to pay for the limestone/sand/cement needed to lay the patio. I still need a job if anyone has any suggestions?)

This laurel needs more pruning!
Filling that brown bin!

I’ve seen a lot of articles about people working to be the people to administer vaccinations. A lot seem to be doing it as a second job which seems wrong when so many people have lost jobs. I wasn’t keen to do this kind of job to be honest, and maybe they needed enthusiasm over anything else.

Ice from seed trays that wouldn’t melt. That’s how cold it is!
Our first snowdrop! Hiding in the leaves…

I have pulled out a load of brambles, which were growing through lots of areas I thought had been cleared. I pulled out those couch grass clumps from the raised bed. I’ve yet to pull out one of the compost bags to add to the bed. I felt ok moving the slabs so perhaps my weakness last year is diminishing. Here’s to a productive and pro-active year!

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