February saw the first lawn cut…

Ivy has been pulled off the two pillars by side gate and remnants of the herb garden. All hands were on deck today (and we won’t say who was in their pyjamas?!?) Roses were all cut back, rosemary and lavender bushes were pruned. We filled the green (brown) garden refuse bin and tamped it down with a tool I can’t lift.

Lavender was trimmed
Ivy was chopped

The grass got its first cut of the season and I admired the enormous daffodils that just opened in the back. Tomorrow maybe is for planting some of the perennials I have collected over the last couple of weeks. I am hoping to see some tulips soon as the leaves are definitely in evidence. I am confused by the Gardeners World last night (or maybe I was half asleep) which seemed to imply you have to dig up your tulips after they flower, or cut them back so they keep energy for next year but they were definitely kept in the potting shed for a bit. Don’t know if I have the energy for that. I haven’t seen sign of the huge number of bulbs I planted last year in the front trough across the grass area. Fingers crossed they will appear as that was a large outlay for me. And I love tulips! It will be disappointing if we don’t see them this year.

Hellebore was hiding
Clambering over logs didn’t happen today so this ivy had a reprieve
All hands on ivy pruning

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