This little cracker! Or is it this?

First official flower? I certainly hadn’t expected more than snowdrops in January.

Is it this little iris reticulata ?
Or this pansy in the new doorstep tray?
There are, of course, snow drops.

Lots of things growing but I almost missed the little Iris? Lost my glasses! So my excuse is I need to get quite close before I see them!

I may have to claim on my insurance for replacement glasses but the opticians are aware, so are preparing a quote for my super-strong, complex prescription. Life is not easy, and I could have done without this at the moment. I took the dog for a walk and I think my glasses fell out of my pocket somewhere… Nightmare!

This is a few of the seeds I’ve bought for the greenhouse. Like I’ve said echinacea is something I try to grow without much success. Think the snails in the front like it, so I shall try seed trays and in the greenhouse. It can then go in the back garden. I have seed trays prepared…

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