My mind is blank…

Sometimes I can’t think to blog. I’ve tired myself out with a couple of work shifts, which weren’t overly taxing but didn’t go smoothly. I’ve watered my veg beds but it is true they are drinking lots. I may have to water before the sun comes out as well as after. I have taken quite a few pictures of the tulips which are out. The ones that are kind of blouson were the more expensive purchases last year (but still not over-expensive) and may need resiting after they bloom if I am to have a path between my Veg Beds.

The veg beds have been watered but some of the little seedlings may be getting too much sun. Not being an experienced grower of vegetables it’s been a little startling to see how much sun they do get in our north-north-west facing front garden. But I don’t need brainpower to water and pull up dandelions (ok again, going against my decision to leave them) I will pull up as many as I can before they turn to seed heads otherwise it is an never-ending fight. I’ve pulled up the early signs of bindweed/mares tail (alien triffid stalks) so hopefully I won’t be killing myself pulling up these too! Little and often!

Hope you enjoy my flowers! The front has almost lost all the yellow daffodils. And the back has a lot of little blue flowers with bright red tulips. I still haven’t spotted blue tulips which I bought a lot of over the past couple of years. Where are they? I still want to change things but our shed plans have come to a halt until we work out whether the shed is going to be a large one needing permission or two smaller ones.

Still need another bag of slate… never ending improvements 🌿

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