I can confirm what I saw today!

It’s gorgeous out, there’s a breeze but I could really do with an afternoon pottering in the garden. I’ve had lots of online bodges so keeping myself busy allows me to laugh at myself, a lot.

I don’t need wellies today!
Buds on the tree we moved! Yes not dead …

I’ve been locked in a building and two days on it still makes me giggle (or maybe it’s because it’s two days on) I am finding it hilarious!!! At the time the building was dark and if I had thought about it, I might have hyperventilated (a bit) but I went into efficiency overload and got on my mobile and found someone to help. A stiff gin when I got home was averted by the need to be compos mentus for a parent’s evening zoom (or whichever school video system it was). Not such a good score card as her sister … oh well it’s a weird year!

But back to today and a horrible ratus ratus just swept past me taking pics of the blue flowers under the tree. Eugh!

Amazing blossom!

I can also confirm that said rat ate Some of the plants in my veg boxes but NOT the Brussels Sprouts! Others will be pleased 😀

Not touched Brussels 🙃
Not sure what grows between the logs?
Hey these delphiniums were planted last year!
Rat was hiding in bed like this (ie the half daffodils and long leaves hid him…)

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