Too MUCH gardening?!?

Well I may have done Easter Sunday proud but now I’m bushed. The ants were starting to go a bit crazy when I was weeding the front circle. I have been taking up some of the weeds growing between the paviors because it’s a bit messy. Well I disturbed a few wiggly worms and I think there’s an ants nest too. Eugh! I still have the sense of things moving over me. I don’t think they were but you just have to see them to imagine it.

Easter ice cream cake was our afternoon snack!

But I’m bushed now. I’ve run out of compost and I forgot the garden shop until I saw an email they had sent out about which supplies were available today. Unfortunately it was too late to shop! I’ll go another day. There may have to be an illicit garden centre visit instead…

So much blossom on the spiky hedge!

Truth be told, I need to tidy the messy stuff, more than I need to plant more. But maybe tomorrow we need to plan an outing. I’ve seen a FB post of a friend about a nearby wetland. Maybe that shall be our Monday visit?

Little blue blooms on the rosemary.

I’m just resting now and feeling my cider is well-deserved. Life in the garden is good when I get to do different things. Planting is definitely my favourite job but I have to plan my purchases. I’ve run out of funds halfway through a two-week holiday because I misjudged whether an online payment was going out… cheap activity ideas please!

Buzzy things were interested in my planting!

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