Changing the front garden!

I started off digging a trench for tulips in the front garden and I dug a ten centimetre trench. It defines the area to the left which must remain garden and we had intended to make into driveway if we had the funds… (I need a job!)

Bulbs in their packets.

The grass was largely moss and plants I don’t want. Not grass at all. So I covered an area with weed barrier and used the bags of peagravel we got from my friend. It had a lot of compost mixed in so I’ve used that on the area of weed barrier and I planted some of my festuca glauca plants down the edge.

Tulip trench!
Ladybird investigates the weeding…

I’ve used four concrete slabs for walking, laid over some sharp sand and I will bring round some compost to fill some of the areas. But there’s lots of blooming golden rod and valerian which needs digging up. Those are my weeds if I’m honest, as well as the spiky bush at the gate which keeps regrowing. I’ve chopped it three or four times this year and I have to try and eradicate it before it gets too big again.

Tulip Bulbs!

Still ducking in and out between rain showers, the front garden is a work in progress but I think it will look good after we’ve had a couple of rains. I will try and find some other plants that will look good between the festuca. I saw some amazing heucheras yesterday. I sense a purchase…

Not finished but the garden is always in progress I’m learning!

Trying out those gloves!

I did mostly spiky stuff to try them out but it’s damp out. Someone said it’s going to be wet all week? No! That’s not good. The gloves aren’t waterproof. And I exterminates several chunky brambles!

Those are all spiky!

It’s been a stop/start kind of day. But at the end of it I have cleared a lot of things I don’t want. The bush I tackled looks like a boring old privet so it will be pruned back hard. Like the bush with orange berries, that’s going too! But I planted a red cordeline next to the transplanted heuchera and that area just needed a fake stone robin as a finishing touch. In the world of an MSer days can get hard unless you can stagger them so doing something different in the garden in short bursts helps me to feel like I am achieving things.

Too much pyracantha for the bin!
I love the burgundy colours against the green.

Rain and Thunder

I got myself up and out. Homeschool is in progress as well. The plan for my little one to go back two days a week has been halted in its tracks. It was a plan, she misses school and I worry how much they are falling behind… I could also start work in July. It’s a world of uncertainty but things are happening to help the economy. Not quite stopping Covid but the Government are talking money again!

Hence the reason for gardening. It stops me getting angry at the headlines. It took a footballer to get the Government to feed children over the summer holidays after many signed his petition but it was another Uturn. One of many… So I also pulled some more ivy off the fence. Brambles were coming through it…

Salvia and heuchera planted where the dog was lying.

The dog was sleeping in my flower bed this morning so it got planted with the passionflower, red cordeline, heuchera and a salvia that will hopefully get rained on later. And stop being used as a couch? It’s thunder season. Good for shouting out frustration while nobody hears you?

A non flower bed resting place!