It’s Beautiful in the Garden!

We popped out to get some dog food and the cheapest place at the moment seems to be a garden centre which for me is a win-win kind of outing. I bought some beautiful hellebores and some dark-leaved heucheras which were reduced. A ceonothus also spoke to me and when we got to the till the price came up higher so the lady doing the sales gave it to me at the lower price so all in all a very good outing.

Those heucheras were a bargain!

I’ve been trying to get rid of couch grass from the bed before filling it. But I’m feeling nauseous all of a sudden. So I’m resting. Is it possible I need to do a LFT test? Not good. Lunch was cheese and oatcakes and I am praying I haven’t eaten dodgy cheese again.

Lots of grass roots…

But it’s sad to report but I didn’t get beyond feeling poorly to plant any of the things that I bought. I didn’t finish pulling out the couch grass and filling the bed with a sand/compost/manure mix like I’ve used elsewhere to try and enriched the clay-based soil. I hope to continue at some point in the future.

Worms were unearthed!

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