Exhausted by a Friday? So much to do on Saturday…

We have two enormous veg beds in our front garden! A lorry delivered a bag of topsoil and with four bags of manure mixed in we are able to start planting!


But it took three of us 3 hours to measure, cut and screw together some very chunky timbers. Gilly and her son Max provided most of the labour and I provided sparkly water! We also lined the timbers with black plastic to protect it and to allow us to lay some gravel down to make a path.

Turned over the turfs.
Plants to go in the beds.

Gilly has given me some chard, chives, cabbages and mint to plant. And I have some garlic and onions in the greenhouse. Lots to do over the weekend and I did all that before an interview! The internet cut out after 40 minutes but it wasn’t my fault! My IT guy had also lost his call so he came in to sort it out! Tech today is weird!

We have a lot to plant. Gardening at the weekend to do to think about the things that I could be doing…

It’s been a while since I used a saw…
Carefully cut in four.
Filling with soil.
Carefully measured.
Planting mint.

No tulips were hurt during the erection of these beds but they may need to be re-sited after flowering.

Veg Up Front appearing in a garden near you? Go on, you know it makes sense! Veg Up Front is sponsored by the Letchworth Heritage Foundation which provided the funding for the materials used to make my two veg beds. Thank you!

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