Keeping myself from going mad?

I’ve felt well enough to do activities today, but it’s important that I don’t go mad. Hubby is off to the hospital (not Covid) but chose not to give me a kiss. Excuse me if he got Covid before me and has a negative test already, but doesn’t that mean he effectively may have given it to me in the first place? Hmmm…

And I look out and just see SUN! It’s gorgeous and sunny rather than damp and dreary. I am now waiting for small people to return from school so they can go pick up Friday treats for me. Nothing exotic as I don’t expect they will go further than the petrol station severaldoors away…

I am not really eating well these days – it’s more than I can do to put the kettle on, let alone anything cooked – but Fridays have always been some kind of treat day and it’s been so for years of my life. The weekend is here! That’s a reason, and somehow kids always think I will treat them on a Friday (well any day really…) so here is my card! I can’t come too!

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