Blogging about the weather!

Gardening is like that: if the weather is harmonious then lots gets done, but if it’s too cold or wet then it’s hard to function properly. Changing big chunks of earth into bright flowery areas can be so enjoyable but getting there often involves heavy lifting or grafting.

Holly needs trimmed.
Probably should have deadheaded the allium!

Weeding is actually easier when the ground is soft and it’s staying that way despite the icy flurries. The sun is out a lot and we’ve had scarlet sunsets and orange sunrises over the last few months. Governments hate talking about global warming it seems but if we do a little bit all the time it must help payback against our highest emissions but then I haven’t been on a plane in several years.

I’ve hauled out lots of couch grass type roots and covered the clay soil with manure, gravel, compost and sand, hopefully making the beds acceptable to new plants and in turning it regularly I might stop recurring weed growth. I know some of the soil theories don’t encourage this but I’m muddling through!

Spikiness has spread into other areas of the front garden. Ouch!
I don’t like things growing by themselves… I didn’t plant spiky!
Hmm… so much I could pick up!?!

I’ve also got to work with what previously has grown in the garden and eradicate or learn to love the plants that keep coming back. Either is tough, especially when they have evolved to be neither a weed nor a luscious perennial. Poppies were among the seeds I flung onto the bed too but they were difficult to see and not very many in the packet I struggled to tear open so I don’t think they’ll be as good as they should be.

Bulbs are sprouting! Spot the snail!
Moss needs pulling but I’m not sure when is best!

And a picture popped into my memories of the amazing blow-away greenhouse from 2019. A few years ago now but the wild weather is still with us, as well as our first snowdrops! Spotted when I looked in a different area and spotted the tiny white flowers! Yeah! The flowers are coming!

And on further investigations snowdrops were spotted!

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