Cold and Windy!

Two storms in quick succession are threatening to send all our possessions around the garden again. I’ve gone out and tried to put things away before the windy weather whirls things around the garden! We’ve had the first gusts but tomorrow is going to be wild!

Little iris reticulata.
Lots of things peeking through the dead leaves.

In fact we were instructed to work at home. So not a new thing, but I was hoping not to have to drive anywhere in stormy weather so I will be monitoring the weather from the house rather than the car. But going around the garden I spotted lots of miniature bulbs popping through. So there are iris and daffodils and lots of dead leaves.

Teeny tiny daffodils.

So I haven’t taken away lots of bug habitats but it’s anybody’s guess whether those leaves will be swirling around tomorrow. It’s quite thrilling to see the colours popping through.

I am so happy to see the colours and will keep my fingers crossed for tomorrow!


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