Granny in her element!

This has been an eventful few days! I haven’t gone into the garden! Granny arrived from Spain! Grandma is poorly! We went out out last night as a birthday treat for my husband attending the comedian Ed Byrne’s first post-lockdown tour. So very funny and much-needed adult time. In addition my oldest had some exciting news, more of which later.


We have sunshine today so Granny has her gloves on doing some weeding! Based in Spain now, we haven’t seen each other for 24 months and gardening there is very different to here, so as she was feeling invigorated by the freshness of the weather I am leaving her to it! I have gone round and discussed the weeds versus desirable plants!

These beds need tidied!

There was a lot of leaf fall needing scooped so I got some scoops into the brown bin and granny did lots of weeding! We nipped out for a garden centre lunch and had some alfresco time which was lovely. There was lots to think about just sitting surrounded by lovely plants. The brown bin is almost full after 2 day’s work. (2 hands as they say!)

And that looks a lot tidier!
Granny rocking sparkly wellies!

A number of beds need things pulling out. And I haven’t had to do much of the mucky stuff as granny has ‘missed getting into the soil’ as her Spanish garden is so different. There could be time to nip out tomorrow and trim the front hedge before the bin gets collected.

You couldn’t see the sisyrinchium for couch grass until granny got busy!

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