I am happy to see Granny is as ruthless as me!

There is a weirdness to gardening when it’s a wet day in November, but mum is very happy to be feeling like she can help me with the task of filling that brown bin and getting rid of prickles in their thousands. The bin was emptied this morning and I have seen it filling up in less than a day. Mum has pulled up and trimmed lots of things in the front garden but it is disheartening to see the return of things I spent hours clearing in March. I wish this wasn’t happening as I’d be so happy if the things I plant grew so well? Mum has pointed out my mistakes: the phormium, sambuca nigra and the maple are too close.

The goldenrod and mares tail has been slain!

But I’ve not tackled the slugs in the front and so I’m needing to throw some of the snail shells over the beds and try to discourage them. Valerian that is growing is not the one I want as it is not the one you can use to aid sleeping… golden rod is a thug and needs eradicating.

The goldenrod is no more!

The heuchera has been uncovered as well as the little festuca glaucas. Thanks mum! I went out and trimmed in my lunchtime, so the bushes of the front are more hedge like. It’s not finished but is looking better. I took out my weed burner and flamed a few weeds. Tomorrow that should be able to be eradicated. Mares tail has grown like crazy in the hedges and under the holly, which was picked up so easily by the leaf grabber I bought last year.

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