Oh dear I can’t go to work like this!

I’ve ripped my sleeve!

I just went out to spread some blue slate in the front garden and I am filthy and ragged! I was told Hubby thinks it’s too sharp for the back as the slate was too sharp for the dogs paws so the buy3 get one free offer has gone down the sides of the front path. The rainbow gravel was already slipping about so the blue slate will perhaps do the job of holding the white in place.

Four bags have not gone far! And it looks ok but I might need to buy some more. I was thinking I might use the extra to fill my circle but I’ve run out. At some point we will order a bulk bag of some kind of gravel (and sand) for the back but it’s slipping down that list again. Even the shed is in jeopardy!

I shouldn’t have spent so much on birthday boy but I always spend before I get paid… I better get changed for work! It’s zero hours and some months it has been zero so I will take it if it’s offered!

Ooh the weeds! Normally under the car…
I wasn’t going to cover this bed as the tree trunk needs removal!

November chills…

And drips…

It’s not been a week for gardening much but I spent this morning repotting some of the seedlings in the greenhouse. The poppies are growing wildly inside. I have high hopes for their transferrance into the garden next year.

I don’t know what this pretty flower is?

I’ve planted blue ones and purple ones and maybe, some copper ones! The seeds went into the little half toilet rolls and some shot up more wildly than others.

It’s cold in the greenhouse and some of the panes we replaced have slipped down after being battered by apples, so there is a small gap at the apex which needs to be blocked or if it snows this year I will lose them all.

Japanese anenome planted last year!

If it hadn’t been raining I would have been filling the brown bin with some of the choppings which we haven’t recycled yet. I was too busy this week at exams to get out when it was sunny. Oh well, I want to be working, but it seems like 2020 was not my year to find alternative employment. I shall have to rethink, as methinks my MS is a block to finding work in the general way. I have been trying for a while now and the length of time I have been trying to get something different is now going against me. Heyho…

Some replanted poppies,

What’s in our hedge?

Cutting through the layers of the front hedge, there are peculiar discoveries. What has been planted and what is something that has seeded? There are spiky spindly ones and boy there are multiple fronds of mares tail.

Newly flowered white alliums.

A few Rowans (not Romans auto correct!) have seeded themselves and as our road section has a lot of rowans as part of the garden city plan, that’ll be the reason. If I had known how lovely the roads with cherries look, maybe we’d be living on one of those instead! Things you learn in living in a place…

You can see the fence again!

This is certainly easier to trim with my new gadget, which could have been a birthday present if I’d waited, but I tend to be impulsive like that? I didn’t think it would arrive overnight either? Post and courier delivery is happening quickly again. You just have to pick the right things. Possibly the larger distributors are reacting to the shortage of couriers fastest?

This one has pretty little flowers. I must look it up?

I will keep posting my garden musings as long as there is something I am discovering – like my oldest suggested the front grass needs watered. Hmm another job for the to-do-list!

A whole bed of mares tail. Grrr