Valentines Day!

So facing the fear of the cold I ventured out… I pottered in the greenhouse to try to prolong the actual going into the garden bit. It is very, very cold so if I say I managed to cut back some of the buddleia and clear some leaves around the mini irises to give a clear area to flower, did I do well? Our waste collection is not being wasted in February. I also watered the trays in the greenhouse which were looking dry, as if the winter sun is encouraging evaporation or they are actually growing a bit when the sun shines?

Valentine’s gifts 😊
Ivy needing pulled.

I cut up some more toilet rolls to fill some more seed trays during the week. My seeds are ready to be utilised to try and bring on some things for the raised beds. Can I grow different things in the raised beds without repeating any crops in the same ones? Think I need to look at enriching the soil with some homegrown compost as well before I try to plant out the potatoes going to seed in the kitchen veg drawer.

Irises visible with dead leaves gone.
Bag of gravel needed here…

There is a lot of tidying everywhere and lots to do over half term. I have been told that tomorrow will be warmer. 🤞

Sawdust for collecting. We could make briquettes for the fire.
Filling the brown bin again. Leaf collection would fill it up.

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