Too darned COLD!

I hate repeating myself, but this isn’t even greenhouse weather. I don’t have a posh greenhouse with heaters, nor can I imagine buying one, but I can’t be out in a space to start with when I am trying to stave off frostbite.

I was threatened with coldness while at work this morning but it was so warm, with windows open, I was lulled into thinking I could cope with potting a few seeds… think again! I don’t think my hands will forgive me for the rest of the day.

Not sure if these are bluebells?

But I took a swab test for Covid before going into the exam room. What a faff that was! And I can feel it still…?I am grateful for a bit of work but I can see why it (the test) is not being rolled out to everyone. Nobody would volunteer to do this and for those that do it more than weekly, I salute you. Not nice and I have had a whole year to get used to the idea, of an unpleasantness to come, while other people have got on and done it for ages now.

Poppies or not?

And now I understand snow is forecast for tomorrow! Can I disappear under a duvet instead of driving to work? At least I found my glasses (yes I was saved that expense) which had fallen on the floor, rather than a muddy field, so I am not struggling on with an old prescription, but it doesn’t mean it will make driving through snow/rain any easier. I like driving the smaller car but a 4×4 does do snow better!

Weed? Or Not?

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