So I now have kids to entertain?

Back to {homeschool} I mean, home holiday! It’s two weeks of trying to spend nothing, go nowhere and lose lots of hair/rounds of Scrabble/useful gadgets in an attempt to entertain 3/4 different brains/interests. *delete as apparent

I will get lots of things done by bribery, to be honest. Children are building wish lists for spending pocket money and I have negotiated for jobs I really don’t like, and Easter seems as good a time to start this enterprise as any. It includes grass cutting which could definitely be done again, two weeks after the first cut. Smallest wants to make tea twice a week. I need to get Stack the Dishwasher made into a great big sign and ‘put the breakfast things away’ on my list of things to put on auto repeat.

A rainbow today!

But there are loads of seeds to plant still. Some to be scattered around the garden and others to be done in trays. I flicked through several garden catalogues and I could easily spend £500 quid (if I had it) on my garden wishlist. I feel the urge to garden tomorrow but there is housekeeping and the ice cream cake to collect tomorrow for a 10-year-olds birthday. I should add that a rainy day meant present wrapping has all been done. Sunday night will see balloons being blown up! Birthdays under lockdown are hard to make special when you’re ten!

We shall make the best of it!

Are these violas?
Happy polemonium! One of last year’s perennial additions ☺️

After my feature in Momentum I have seen my viewers rising! Hello lovely garden enthusiasts! I hope the trials and tribulations of a gardening year in my garden city are of interest! Leave a comment?

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