Planting lots!

I’ve dug up a square bed round our crab apple and planted a plethora of scabious, anemones, rudbeckia and poppy seeds, surrounded by a border of lavender and violas. As with all my gardening it’s an experiment as is my fingers-crossed attempts at pulling up weeds like grass and dandelions…

Grass eradicated.
Laid out roughly to ensure the plants are well spread out…

I’ve been in the garden for most of the day and it’s possible we have been watched but Red only appeared at the end of my session. I have some clods of grass to get rid of. Soil containing sand, gravel and manure was laid over all the corms and seeds and bulbs. Fingers crossed that we will have some blooms this year, provided they don’t get eaten by any little visitors.

I didn’t actually get a picture but you’ve seen Red before! Edit see below!

I used the wrong pic!

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