Bank Holiday Weekend!

It’s that time of year when we get three days to spend too much, drink/eat too much and argue/love it all up!

Parrot tulip

Garden has lots of jobs and planting to do! How much of chez family will help? We have a Garage Sale to plan for! Curly wants to make as much as possible, sell as many things as we can and I have a madcap idea to plant some seeds tomorrow and have some mini plants for sale! Proceeds for Korea of course!


I do however have some garden reordering and creation of new planting schemes to do. Some of my new plants have been assaulted by things visiting the garden and short of building a scarer to frighten them I’m not sure what my options are?…

The area under the bushes on the front garden are thick with Mares tail… and ivy… and plastic gloves and rubbish people need to take home but lob into the nearest garden…

When can I get started? I’m on a holiday x

My first allium

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