Christmas Eve!

I never thought I’d be in the garden on 23/24th December, but I just picked some onions. We planted months ago and then left. I need a garden housekeeper really. It’s cold, wet and muddy out there but I needed to check on the panel in the greenhouse which has been shifted so there isn’t a gap. And lots of poppies are still growing in the trays which need to be planted out in the spring. Knowing me, I’ll probably misjudge this and put them out too soon… if the UK has snow tomorrow will it also snow in March? Seasons are a changing?

Onions for soup!

I think I am making soup after all. French onion soup, perhaps? I don’t think we are traditional much at the moment? Making our own traditions or making it up as we go along!

Stockpiling loo roll for seeds…

Poppies will hopefully survive the cold as they are under glass. Loads and I hope they are all the colours in my head and don’t turn red if our soil is the wrong ph…

Mostly happy poppies
Some of the seeds were online purchases but I don’t remember which… hope they aren’t to be feared!

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