Can I be excited for a minute?

I have tried over my gardening adventure to grow Chocolate Cosmos. I’ve quite literally failed in every garden position till now!

These are the Salvias I showed a week or so ago before they had fully bloomed!

Yes I announce the arrival of the first chocolate brown flowers in a GWL garden! Yeeha! And wandering round the garden unimpeded by the meadow, I also saw clumps of dark poppies! These are kinda maroony or dark purple red. I am overjoyed!

There are more to bloom but something else is jostling for space…

Flowers give me more pleasure than veg if I’m honest but we also have flowers on the courgettes! I could get fancy and ask for deep fried courgette flowers for my birthday tea… or I could keep watering and hope for some actual home grown marrows!

This new bed has been incredibly successful! Even fruit on the crab apple…

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