Life is never boring!

Or reflecting on birthdays in current life! I have SO much tidying to do but it’s not happening today! I’ve been hit with the flimsy and weak excuse of being depressed and sad! Not what I want to remember for the first birthday free of pandemic restrictions either.

But I got paid for the election today so maybe I’ll treat myself to a nice lunch! We have a new bird feeder erected in the middle of my biggest garden bed. There is a heatwave on the way but today is still going to be sensible.

I miss so much however and I wish I could do things without computers to muck it all up. I tried to forward the Korea JustGiving page to some of my colleagues and cocked it up somehow. I forwarded it from my Mac to pc. Could that have done it?

It’s funny but I didn’t enjoy it much this morning when my daughter gave me a book my other daughter gave me for Mothers Day! And they say I have memory loss!

But I got some lovely things and had a tasty meal with super wine xxxx

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