Jubilee Gardening!

Actually the weekend has not really been about the activity of gardening, more about visiting garden spaces.

On Thursday we went to the Swiss Garden at Shuttleworth and took grandma out for the day. We collected, well my husband collected his mother from her care home, and the girls and he took turns pushing grandma around the water-filled ponds and grottoes of the garden. We heard a heck of a lot of peacocks but we saw none of them. Ducks were the predominant birds making themselves seen.

The oldest wellingonian!

Some of the oldest trees in Britain can be found in the collection as well as extremely old humpbacked bridges, some of which we didn’t chance pushing the chair. It was a beautiful meander and lots was enjoyed. The grotto was hot and steamy and the best bits were explored. It was a few years since we’d visited Shuttleworth and it was well worth a revisit.

A wheelbarrow competition among local schools.

The hangars are easily shuttled through with all manner of early cars and memorabilia. The planes and cars were gleaming in every shot.

Biplanes and old cars were parked up outside and an ice cream van was utilised as well as the coffee van. We forgot my disabled badge but we were easily shown a disabled bay for grandma. My pictures seem to have missed out on the planes!

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