Random seeds…

Too random!
Hibiscus I think!

The dog barks a lot at the post. We got a special basket to protect deliveries and today was no different…

I have lost track of seeds I am waiting for and these may have been ordered several months ago. Nowhere on the package does it state what they are. I’ve ordered seeds from garden suppliers and for my sins, the biggest online retailer in the UK. Probably this is the source of my mystery seeds?

I’ve ordered some that in my history remain, so it could have been Mid-Covid quarantine, which makes them passionflowers? I have since read the propagation time: it could take ten years for any flowers to appear. Life’s too short! The plant I put in (I gave up on the seeds!!!) is healthy and looks like producing blooms…

Still flowering!
Passionflower is doing well!

PPS: it seems a lot of seeds have been sent out like this and the USDA (USA org) have sent warnings to 50 states suggesting they don’t plant these. I had seen the news report but I thought it would be ok. Now I really don’t know what to do with them… If I knew how to make a poll I would!

Rain and Thunder

I got myself up and out. Homeschool is in progress as well. The plan for my little one to go back two days a week has been halted in its tracks. It was a plan, she misses school and I worry how much they are falling behind… I could also start work in July. It’s a world of uncertainty but things are happening to help the economy. Not quite stopping Covid but the Government are talking money again!

Hence the reason for gardening. It stops me getting angry at the headlines. It took a footballer to get the Government to feed children over the summer holidays after many signed his petition but it was another Uturn. One of many… So I also pulled some more ivy off the fence. Brambles were coming through it…

Salvia and heuchera planted where the dog was lying.

The dog was sleeping in my flower bed this morning so it got planted with the passionflower, red cordeline, heuchera and a salvia that will hopefully get rained on later. And stop being used as a couch? It’s thunder season. Good for shouting out frustration while nobody hears you?

A non flower bed resting place!