Jumble Sale Trail 2022

It’s not til the end of June but we can try and make things to raise money for the WSJ in 2023. I’m not saying our stuff is worth a lot but every little helps! As my husband has already started tidying his shed I know we have things lurking which could be sold! I could even plant some seeds now and hopefully have some seedlings to sell. I knew there was a reason I hadn’t done it yet!

C can takeover the selling stuff and wear her Explorer/Korea outfit and sell some woggles. She makes my brownies quite well now and we had inspiration from the group Easter sale which made phenomenal amounts of money. They even went door to door. It’s helping for things the unit are buying for the team. They want to get sweatshirts I think.

I want to say something about MS too. There seems to be a new exciting development in understanding causes of MS which is linked to the Epstein Barr virus. This has been swirling round my family for years from my dad my grandpa and me in different forms. My own from picking up mononucleosis in the US in my twenties. It means they might be close to developing something to stop EBV from attacking the myelin and providing MSers with something which rejects the rogue cells. Fingers crossed x

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