February and it snows!

On Friday we got up to a flurry of huge flakes of snow, quickly fading to sleet. Arguing with people whether it’s snow or sleet seems kinda pointless. Waiting for confirmation of a virtual session with my colleagues was hard. ‘Will we have to schlep around in this miserable weather?’ was my fear (confirmed). But actually the afternoon was beautiful and nippy but the snow/sleet disappeared and I was able to enjoy being out and about.

The bed still needs covering with a layer of compost, sand, manure and shells. I am trying to enrich the heavy clay soil.

Saturday involved more ferrying of our Explorer Scout to Welwyn for the second monthly WSJ meeting. And Sunday involved shopping for the same child who at fifteen seems to be developing a very particular fashion of her own. A morning in Cambridge. Which left me with a three o’clock window to plant the heucheras, hellebores and tulips needing planted. I turned out some of the window box style planters I tried to develop last year. I am not sure I am cut out for the attention those require. I’ll find a use for them!


But before the rain started I was a few minutes away from finishing planting. The two salvia cuttings I’ve been needing to plant were tucked in beside the ceonothus and I threw in some gladioli bulbs and freesias I picked up in Sainsbury on Friday. And wandering up to the new bed I did at the back of the garden, beside the area which was being flattened for the new shed, I can see lots of bulbs are peeking through all over. My hard work is starting to change the garden. But get this, I was gardening in the rain. 😁

Hellebore I planted last year surrounded by bulbs and agapanthus!

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