Weeding takes a long time!

I’ve got lots to be happy about but I’ve just tipped our recycling into the garden bin so I’m not happy about that! Snails are filling up that bin which is strange. I found two on my phormium so they were despatched to the gardening/green waste/brown coloured bin and then I spied the cardboard/plastic bottles/egg boxes I’d gaily tipped in the wrong bin! So my day has been filled with foes!

I’m not wasting good beer but perhaps beer traps are the way forward if snails are sliding up my phormium to spy the stuff I plant in the Veg Up Front bed. They have been at my sweetcorn already! I’d like to pop into Morrison’s and see if they have any veg seedlings but I’m expecting a call sometime soon.


Weeding is good meditation until the ants start getting angry! Yes I’ve dealt with some of those already and I haven’t done that phone survey yet. Difficult when you are juggling tech (phone/iPad/mobile) and don’t have an exact time. I would cut the grass but I hadn’t charged the battery properly so again it’s tech battling with the advances of weeds among the grass we have out front which is no less filled with errant couch/wild/already seeding plumes!

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