Tumultuous May!

It’s been an up and down month so far! I wish I could say it’s been good but it hasn’t all been good. But lots in the garden looks great. Loads of things about to flower! Slugs have decimated a few things and mares tail is not going to flourish if I can help it!

Work has been a steep curve learning about loads of stuff I didn’t realise happened. I’ve made my first direct calls to clients as a welfare technician and it was daunting at first but actually it was lovely! People do appreciate a call just to check in, and I’ve been thinking I need to personally check in with some people… albeit friends or family, it is important!

Grrr 😡

Day off tomorrow so I will be busy! Maybe a visit, maybe a call, maybe a card to send…

And No Mow May seems to be happening despite my protests…


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