My new job!

We’ve had an eventful week! Our rescue dog visited yesterday and I started a new job on Monday. It’s all a bit crazy if I’m honest and I would be wrong if I said I hadn’t enjoyed pretty much all of it. We have a teen about to start GCSEs in a few weeks (the same one going to Korea)! She has to raise some more money for spending money and as a guide, the lead Scout of her unit said 0-250 per week as a guide! Yikes! She has to hope to start cutting the grass for funds, doesn’t she? Although R (rescue dog) was enjoying nibbling that very grass, I don’t think she’ll be staying with us before it needs a cut!

White bluebells!

We have lots of hope after the home visit that we will be getting R home with us soon. She loved running through the house and garden and we were left with hope that we can do this sooner rather than later. We’ve got to look at our plants again to ensure they are not a risk if R eats them. Apparently tulips may be a problem… The front where she won’t visit is filled with tulip bulbs, but so is the back! I may have to dig them out and put them in the shed for the summer before putting them into pots or out the front.

But I haven’t mentioned the new job… which has been four days this week. I think I’d prefer the four day arrangement and the new team seems to be flexible on that. I still have to work occasionally at the weekend, so we’ll see how that works too, but this weekend has a bank holiday so it is definitely going to be a good life/work balance. 🥰🌞👩‍🌾

The garden is just full of colour and promise. Loads of dark red tulips which I love, but contrasting with white with burgundy stripes. And the weeping crab apple has beautiful deep red blossom. I can sit at the end of the garden and feel the last rays of sunshine. Is this the best time to be out? No coat and not feeling at all cold. I think it’s about 18 degrees. We’ve cut the grass as it was needed but it isn’t stopping dandelions from appearing. I killed lots of dead nettle and dandelions and I’ve seen enormous bees and our little Robin is back! Life in the garden is good.

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