Ouch! With all capitals OUCH!

My wisdom tooth extraction hurts SO much today! I’ve been dousing and gargling and taking pain relief. Paracetamol, and IBUPROFEN in rotation. Damn it! I was very positive on the weekend but this sucks.

I am not presentable!

I’m also in discussions with a lady who thinks my MS episodes could be autistic burnout! Given that my daughter is autistic there is a good chance I am also. It’s been bubbling up in recent conversations. I did an online quiz which was inconclusive and my reactions to the events of the past fortnight have been extreme to say the least. I’ve said before that I’m surprised if I’ve got through my entire life without it being suspected but it does explain certain things and others have said I could be, not least my brother. More women are being diagnosed since the pandemic who are a similar age. So that’s a kind of ouch!

Maybe I do need to rethink my life from here. We can’t afford me not to work but I need to find something where my skills are best placed. I’ve been frustrated at every turn in everything I’ve tried over the last few years and I’ve not felt right: quite the opposite, if I’m honest, and perhaps I’ve got to find my way in an alternate direction. I get the feeling fellow MSers also feel this lack of focus.

I am not sure where I go from here. I’ve got a telephone appointment with the doctor tomorrow and I’m not working either so I’m hoping my tooth pain doesn’t turn out to be dry root which friends are suggesting and I can move on with enjoying my day off. A lady has requested lots of little pots I am dropping off. I’ve given them a rinse in the water collected in the wheelbarrow as they were grubby…

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