Brightest days!

November has seen lots of sun! I’ve been studying how much I can do if it’s nice but I wanted to check what’s out in the garden now. It’s decidedly chilly but there are flowers among the fallen leaves. I am surprised and I have to take a trip to the vaccine centre with the youngest at three so I didn’t want to get grubby before that. So I have some pictures to share. I have bags of bulbs to plant and the earth is still soft because it hasn’t frozen yet. I’ll do it tomorrow morning I promise!

Many things are growing in the wrong places. The grass needs cutting and I wanted to get rid of stuff that keeps reappearing… the repetition of some jobs really doesn’t appeal but I’m resigned to that. I’ve been writing this blog for four, yes 4, years and I rarely want to do things beyond October but I should be able to get out there first thing if it stays bright and fresh. I will try and tidy the equipment and spare pots. But I am not getting the lawnmower out!

Buddleia needing culled…

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