An unintentional Day Off!

A small one was poorly so I had to stay home, but it’s chucked it down for most of the day… So my newly planted bulbs and little plants got a thorough soaking. Most strange warmth for November and I’ve had many connections to conversations about gardens with random friends of friends on Facebook. I’ve seen lots of things I need to consider as there is still leggy grass needing cut and one conversation was about December 10th being the last cut last year for one. I maybe need to support the Korean fundraising by getting a post GCSE cut from my oldest.

We just made our first big down payment to paying for the Korea trip as we hadn’t received the schedule of payments from the treasurer. But we now have received an email asking us about Gift Aid for the chunk we handed over. And as a taxpayer again after many years not contributing I am all for this activity. I am hoping that the next payment next year is easier to accumulate but my daughter needs to do some activities to fundraise. Not my strong point unfortunately and working does make me bushed. Life is never boring!

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