Seriously getting cold!

Am I going to manage any days in the garden when the temperature has definitely plummeted? The log fire may be needed more than last year as it will be less cost-effective to use our creaking boiler for sure. Did I mention the astronomical gas and electricity price rises? Less lights on and low energy bulbs will be purchased over the next few weeks.

Insulation has been purchased to be applied to our poorly insulated attic and I have taken the day off to do some more gardening. I just hope I can get out early enough tomorrow before my help is needed elsewhere… I’ve also seen some jobs I might apply for…

I bought some more blue tulips and some other allium bulbs in town today on my lunch. I will take pictures for evidence 🤣

Last night I went to a quiz which was so much fun. I knew a small amount about the topics but my group had a lot of enthusiasm and different knowledge. I’d love to do quizzes again! I was wiped out by my late night and not keen on dark night driving, but it was worth it. Day off so must get ‘doing’…

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