Another day off!

I have a request! Make my hands/gloves nimble enough to pull out fiddly weeds without pulling out stuff I will keep! It’s hard knowing a whole morning has disappeared and I’ve only filled a bit of my green waste bin but I would have done more.

A dizzy spell sees me turning over my weeded bit and having a rest a bit higher off the ground. It’s busy out here and a chap chatted to me about the plants he just delivered… I know, right! But it does say live plants on the packaging so it was an easy guess!

I’ve started hacking like I smoked 60 a day so I’ve stopped for lunch and three hours have gone by. Who knew? I might have to go and get something from a local lunch place… which one? Shall I be healthy? Probably not! But the front has the new anenomes planted as well as allium bulbs of all kinds. Some more of the dogs ashes have joined the new soil as well as manure and a bit of our compost from the back garden compost bins.

And while I was there a corner of my Veg Bed has been deprived of its newly grown mares tail and creeping geranium. This stuff grows faster than any veg I’ve tried to grow. Too busy weeding!

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