Before a day of mourning…

Quiet in the garden and we got lots done! I say we as there was a certain amount of man tasks being done. I can pretend not to have the strength and I had a load of bulbs to plant as I sped off to the other end of town and picked up some camassias, wood anenomes and fritillaries. I can’t remember where I bought them all but poundshops, home warehouses and my favourite Woolworths replacement were visited. I have mixed many buckets with sand, compost, manure and topsoil with whelk shells. It will enrich the front garden and make the mares tail feel less welcome (I hope). I bought two more blue hebes and dug them in for good measure.

Found a really large root…

I’ve not really had a lot of luck with crocuses in the past but I spotted some unusual colours. The snowdrops said they are summer ones, so that will be an interesting flash of white. The colours are still minus yellow and are more blues, oranges and purples. Here’s hoping the mares tail is getting weaker and the attacks on the unwanted beech, rowan and ash trees will prevent a forest from forming.

Five days of work and I’ve done a heck of a load to pull up moss and increase the line of the beds in the one part of the garden where the sun doesn’t really shine. Hoping some bulbs will improve this area.

These were planted on Sunday!

Now I have spent five days on the front garden there will hopefully be some different things to see next year. The burner was used today to try and get rid of the weeds on the drive and around the edges of the house.

This circle is really hard to plant as it gets full sun morning and evening. The shell might lessen the snails…

Even if it’s the last days of gardening for this year it’s all looking a lot tidier for the colder months. Will we get snow to hide the stuff I haven’t managed to do? The little path area will need a day to finish if we do get another nice day in the half term October holiday…

Grass (?) or moss (?) has been lifted and two hebes planted with bulbs too.

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