I’ve possibly done too much!

Day three of days off work and I’ve managed to plant a bit more. But it’s been in an area of the front garden with lots of valerian and golden rod and blimey is that stuff difficult to dig out! I have dug in lots of bulbs. Scilla, anenomes and white pom-pom alliums. But there was a big chunk of the valerian root and it’s given me an excuse for a seat.

Clump 1 of valerian. I am uncovering lots of snails…

The gardeners are in next door and it’s all I can do to not ask them to do an hour getting rid of my nemeses. I’ve also spent a while on the side wall which is covered with Ivy. Another of my least favourite plants.

Speaking to my neighbour a lot over the last few weeks I’ve spotted her using a squeeze bottle of something that kills the weeds dead. I suppose I could do this now that we haven’t got a dog but the lasting effects do worry me. s

This was the second clump of either perennial valerian or golden rod. It has pulled out easier than clump 1.

She has definitely applied it to some of the mares tail and it turns it to silver almost feathery strands. I am still pulling it out and doing arm exercises and keeping myself nimble. I must keep telling myself that!


I’ve ordered a couple more peonies for the front (naughty!) as I know they do well in the shade. Although the red one there at the moment doesn’t look all that happy (is that because it’s nearly October?) and I don’t want the garden to be empty for the whole of winter.

Needing more plants… sorry not to include any flowers!

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