Trees! Or is the Garden City taking over my garden?

LGC! We are encouraged not to cut down trees although my house and garden sit just outside of the central Heritage area. There is a grey area whether we should have got permission before taking down the diseased and rotten sycamore and horse chestnut trees, the tree surgeon said they checked, plus it was a danger to leave them unsupported when the kids were a lot smaller than me. Now they’re within a tiptoe of being taller they are even less liable to be in the property/garden than out with friends or doing some Korea preparation hikes… So I think tree falling is not going to affect my teens!

And we have definitely got some trees growing too close to the house. Varying from ash to rowan to sycamore and horse chestnut, as well as the regrown laurel which we decapitated last year, there’s now seriously too many three-foot (and higher) saplings threatening the very shallow foundations of our house.

We are meant to be encouraging trees to grow but not if they get too close. Oh, and you might be wondering at my posting today, but I’ve taken a few days off intending to clear some overgrown bits. I’ve filled the green bin and intend refilling it the minute it is collected tomorrow… Although I might end up having to take a load to the tip!

It’s beautiful in the garden if I can stop blogging for a minute!

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  1. I ponder this all the time. Humans Vs trees. Yesterday I couldn’t stop thinking about a man I read about who flies all over the country consulting about growing trees and couldn’t stop thinking about the pollution he caused by flying!

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