What can we do with those plums?

It seems we have the ingredients for sloe gin! The red berries on a blackthorn tree are sloes. By pruning hard we have given ourselves a bumper crop! Wow! I shall watch those berries closely!

I forgot to mention the brambles…

And the plums have suddenly ripened on my fiftieth birthday tree! Beautiful they are too! Plum jam anyone?

But death and drought have done for lots of things in the garden. I don’t want to gloss over it but my watering of the garden this year has been rubbish! My embarrassed state is just to mumble lots. And hide my face in shame…

I really need to rethink a lot of things… I now need to work as one income doesn’t go far in 23rd century Britain where prices are skyrocketing to enable entitled shareholders to remain wealthy! Food and fuel prices have quadrupled because we are told it’s Brexit innit? Well it’s more than that. Years of offering cut-price deals has pushed competitors out of markets all over the world and low prices are unsustainable if we want to avoid the foods which don’t have any nutritional values and contain armfuls of E numbers.

Growing our own needs to start working for us so I pinkie promise to try harder next year!

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