Anglesey Abbey mid-summer!

We took granny to this National Trust property which my husband said we last visited in 2018/19. It is somewhere we also have largely been to in either autumn or spring so it was a completely different landscape we encountered and enjoyed today.

The property was donated to the National Trust after Lord Fairchild died because he had no heirs. The property has been restored and areas rebuilt over the years but the Trust also seems to be working on redevelopment of new areas. In fact one of the guides mentioned areas of the grounds which showed up old formal garden areas when grassy areas were showing the patterns of the old gardens through the colours of the grass.

Can you see those signatures?…

The visit to the mansion was interesting and again, we saw and were explained different aspects of the property, such as the royal family signatures on the glass of of one of the windows, including our current queen.

This will be discussed in my next blog!
Peace rose.

The shop went down well with the girls of the group, dad left much poorer! The weeds book suggests mares tail can be composted or turned into a manure substance!

Famously this redwood tree was struck twife by lightning.
We did walk all round! Step count is high! Over 8,000!
One side…
Opposite side…
Not sure if this was particularly pc! In the book shop!

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