Just strimmed and raked and collapsed…

The battery is recharging for the third time and I have tidied up lots of the pots and stuff which have been blowing around the garden. The grass has hidden lots of things which needed addressing. I could really do without the additional work that NoMow May has entailed. I will not do it intentionally again.

There are lots of bees in the garden for sure. They have been buzzing round lots of flowers but we don’t have dandelions if I can help it and the bees have lots of things to pollinate. And the fruit trees have lots of fruit growing so they have been doing their thing!?

I love these purple poppies!!!

There are lots of things in flower like the purple poppies, or the clematis, but there are still lots of things needing lots of water. I really love the plants as well but I’m not an avid waterer…

Lots of dead daffodil leaves were hiding this!
I discovered we haven’t lost the stripy rose!

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