May is going to go by too quickly!

I haven’t really got much to report as I have lots to plant but very little energy. My lethargy – as that is a more accurate description – is affecting my gardening enthusiasm… and if it keeps getting warmer then I have to dodge the sun in the middle of the day.

There’s lots in flower and I want to do a lot but I also have no stamina for the things that need doing.

This buddleia needs cutting hard but it’s not long since I did it…

Things in so many colours! And just about every bed has weeds to pull out. Grass grows everywhere, and I’ve pulled out great chunks round the crab apple bed. No Mow May is going to cause me so much work!

Where is my get-up? It’s gone! I have so much work to do before I can plant anything as I’ve got weeding to do. I am pulling up chunks of grass rather than getting the mower out and we must clear up dog excrement! I said I wasn’t doing it and youngest is claiming she has SATs revision so can’t do it! Grrrrrrrrr!

Things I must plant!

I admire my kids’ attention to school work but they have watched hours of Parks and Recreation and played rounds of Lord of the Rings on Xbox…

These ranunculus shouldn’t have been planted where I put them… flower looks better than rest of plant…

I have read lots of news about the election I was poll clerk for and our area has no clear majority which means there have been some significant swings away from the Conservatives. My forgetting to set up a postal vote didn’t affect this. Yay!

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