My annual Wrangle!

Ok it’s back and found me on my knees on the neighbours driveway pulling out my most fiendish garden nemesis. I just went out to take the garden waste bin for collection (neighbour lets me use her drive as it doesn’t have the obstacles of steps) and I wasn’t exactly dressed or equipped with any gloves or secateurs to pull out anything and there has been masses growing among my daffodil leaves, under the phormium and among the ivy! Not yet ‘frondy’, the first spears of mares tail, dragons tale or insidious menace you want to call it: my nemesis is back! My weekend will see some burning? Or culling!

These truly look like black tulips!

I went out the front after dinner with my secateurs! I chatted with the end of the back garden neighbour and found out he was very disgruntled about the way his landlords contractor repaired the fence we share. We don’t even have to get involved!

Front of the hedge which is comprised of lots of bushes, ivy and some trailing vine weeds.
Side fence is horrible chain link wire which is often what people at our door give us quotes to replace. I hate it but it’s very securely constructed.

He said he was jealous of our garden size and knowing how small his rear garden actually must be, I can understand his garden envy. New builds often have the smallest outdoor spaces and I reckon that happened with their house. However ours involves a lot of work, which sometimes is beyond me.

Can you see it? Fronds of horsetail/mares tail among the ivy and a couple of the bushes which make up the front fence. I can’t get into it!

In fact a rather excessive spend on my credit card has seen lots of plants arriving which I need to allocate to areas and start digging! I’m feeling tired again!

Garden bin is really ready for tomorrow! ‘Empty me please!’

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