Crikey! Already the 11th of December! I wanted to do more by now? I thought I’d write some cards, send a few things to far-flung places but looks like being a queue wherever I end up now. I might just stick to the stuff I want to do? What’s new there? Everything in Brexit land will be too expensive – don’t get me started on the price of stamps! – and I go to Poundland for almost everything else… (other retailers do exist!) and we are not following traditional plans at all. We might do Christmas Eve presents for some, Christmas Day for others and Boxing Day for the rest. Zoom calls will be made (maybe we need to schedule those?) and now that some are getting vaccinated maybe it will all be a lot less dangerous. I haven’t had the terror but MS really bit me on the bum this year. Stress is worst for it and gardening could help it. My new mantra for 2021.

I’ve wrapped a lot of things today (that is organised!) I sent a card off yesterday (only one) and it wasn’t strictly a Christmas card. I think I will sit down with everybody tonight and get those written!

Life may get better after all!

Admin and stuff…

The first child returns to school tomorrow and in a way it feels like something is starting to go back to normal. But it is still weird wondering whether sending the children back to school is correct? We have a testing system (I believe) but we really don’t understand (and some aren’t following) the rules. What am I going to do with no children at home? I’ve applied for jobs and heard nothing. Some random people have approached me but I don’t think it’s about work for me, more they want to part me with what little money I have.

I’ve also been doing some online networking and trying to get my blog onto other platforms. I believe this should be straightforward but platforms have different systems and languages (and I’ve never professed a multi-linguistic bent) which need more time than I want to spend. A little of that and I’ve lost interest to be honest. Any suggestions: send me a Messenger/WhatsApp/text you know how!

And then there was a bunch of Scottish rhubarb to be stewed and baked before it went rubbery in the fridge. And I’ve made a better job than last time we tried to use up garden produce. It had one largish apple from the garden and the quantity was doubled in one dish (not two) so hopefully it will still do a couple of meals but the sponge wont be rubbery. Good ole Glasgow Cookery Book, and the recipe is Eve’s Pudding, who knew?

And I have bought some bulbs, passing through Hitchin market I bought some blue tulips. And the guy said these are targeted by squirrels- who knew? – as none appeared last year he’s possibly right! Morrison’s saw me getting more purples. And Alan Titchmarsh was showing how to layer bulbs in pots the other night. Diarmuid OGavin was also showcasing garden arrangements on Channel Four and I loved his sketches. Must do some for our new plans…