I got some veggie seedlings!

I went to a bargain supermarket and picked up some carrot, red cabbage and lettuce seedlings! I fully intended to use my seeds but time has escaped from me. I just cheated! I bought some rhubarb too yesterday and with some flowers to plant I need to be busy tomorrow.

Red cabbage! We have some mesh to protect them this year!
More daisy like plants!
In front of the wisteria we have LOTS of bluebells. We have pink white and blue varieties.
The wisteria hasn’t disappeared over the winter! I need to weed around it!

So we are up early on Sunday so we might have to try and get an early night tonight. So I’m watching The Beechgrove Garden for the first time in years! Earlier it was about a new RHS garden being built in Paisley. We really are a nation of gardeners!

Paisley gets RHS funding!

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