Gorgeous afternoon in the garden!

I dug up some grass and planted as many things as I could! I got some ranunculus in Aldi a few weeks ago and they’ve been awaiting my shaking my post Covid19 fatigue. So I had a haircut this morning and felt the familiar tingle to overdo it this afternoon! I dug up lots of grass on my cull list and got ever closer to finally getting the garden full of pretty things. I’ve used some seeds I have been hoarding. I could do so much more!

Tulips under the apple tree have not been affected by being left or stunted like so many I have planted.

Many people want to keep growing dandelions for the bugs and bees but I have already deadheaded thousands of daffodils which were providing food and there are tons of buds on my rosemary bush. I don’t need dandelions!

Still planning to try and see other gardens this year and I saw the Open Gardens publicity for Arabella LennoxBoyd opening her garden but then I located it as very far away from us! Oh well a rethink or a wish list for the future…

Pansies, ranunculus and grasses were planted next to agapanthus and freesias.
Area where we felled the laurel is being filled. No sign of the chocolate cosmos though…

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